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Choker Set Traditional Fancy Golden


Material: Golden Metal Alloy/Synthetic Crystal Gemstone
Style: Trendy
Color: Oxidized Gold plated
Occasion: Party/Wedding


“Choker Set Traditional Fancy Golden”

“Choker Set Traditional Fancy Golden” is a type, or a style, of a necklace that is skin-tight. Unlike your average necklace, a choker doesn’t “hang” loose on your upper chest area. As seen in the picture above, a choker wraps around the neck along the skin. Some chokers, like the one above, leave a little breathing room and some hug the neck with a very firm grip. Regardless of how loose or tight a necklace is, as long as its shape from the front looks like a half circle on your neck rather than a U or V shape, it is a choker. Although pendants with chokers are normal, most chokers only come with the chain and don’t include a pendant. Hopefully, after this explanation, you have a clear vision of what is a choker and you are able to tell the difference between a regular necklace and a choker.

In the 21st century women and chokers together are not an uncommon sight. Chokers come in a variety of styles. Just as any other type of necklace can have different forms, chokers have them too. Ranging from metallic designs made from steel, silver, and gold to fabric chokers and multilayer chokers. A few years back, when chokers were popularized by social media, the standard choker consisted of black fabric. Today, you might see some chokers have crystals or mixed materials such as leather and metal to combine unique looks.


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