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Jhumki Glass Domes Bohemian Style


Color: golden Copper Color with disk Blue ceramic coated

Material: Alloy Metal

Style: Trendy Jewelry

Type: Zinc Alloy


Jhumki Glass Domes Bohemian Style 

It is a favorite a ageless design of earrings that have been in fashion since years. It gives birth to a gorgeous look that can harmonize with any occasion. Its origin is Subcontinent and surrounds area.

Dress up your ears with these classic Jhumka Design and spice up your jewellery set.

This gold pair can be teamed with slim jeans and a formal top for a chic work ensemble.

Elegant design makes you more attractive, charming and fashion.

There are lot of jewelry options available but the one I find most unique & exquisite are earrings jhumka. The word ‘Jhumki’ refers to the traditional bell shaped earring design.

It was chosen to represent the beauty of jewellery that emerged in ancient times, it has managed to endure and cross cultures from the East to the West.Some women, especially in the villages, wear these Jhumkis on a daily basis. Those earnings are much smaller and light weighted. The reason behind wearing them on daily basis is not only for beauty but it shows to the public how much they can afford to give as dowry for their daughters wedding. I actually never knew this fact until I questioned them.

One of the most desirable jewellery in every woman’s list is a pair of Jhumkas. This classic earrings, Jhumka or Jhumki emerged in ancient times and gradually entered the culture from East to West due to its beauty. The word Jhumka refers to the traditional bell shaped earring design of India. The design and the jingle of the hanging elements from the dome is what gave this jewellery a distinct popularity among women. Visit the shop for other products and details. Happy Shopping.

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