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Pendant Love Heart Gold Plated with Chain


Style: Heart and Love

Color: Golden

Material: Golden, Crystal Gem

Quality: Premium

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“Pendant Love Heart Gold Plated with Chain”

Jewelry lovers are deeply passionate about all sorts of jewelry. Many of us indulge by amassing a size able personal collection. But when it comes to a particular type of jewelry – namely, the kind that adorns our necks – do you know the difference between a necklace, pendant, chain and choker? We define each term for you below – from this point on, you can call yourself a neck jewelry authority!

Necklaces, pendants, chains and chokers have one thing in common – they are all accessories meant to be worn around or near the neck. However, there are distinct differences between them that should not be confused or used interchangeably. A necklace is a type of jewelry that is worn around the neck. Many necklaces tend to consist of a metal jewelry chain, primarily gold or silver. Necklaces can also consist of a series of gemstones linked together in the form of a chain. If a necklace features a charm that hangs or dangles from it, that charm is known as a pendant. A pendant is typically attached to a necklace by means of a small loop.

“Pendant Love Heart Gold Plated with Chain” is a Lover choice.

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