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Pendant Zircon Golden with Chain


Pendant Zircon Golden with Chain
Oxidized Golden
Golden Alloy, Crystal Zircon
All Compatible
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“Zircon Golden Pendant with Chain”

The Oldest mineral found on Earth is Zircon. Some crystals found in Australia estimated to be over 4.4 billion years old!

Because of its similarities in appearance to diamonds, zircon was the first natural diamond simulation. It is the only natural gemstone that even comes close to imitating the appearance of a diamond. It is a beautiful gemstone in its own right.

The name “zircon” comes from the Persian word ‘zargun’, which means ‘gold-colored’, although the mineral comes in a variety of colors. The colorless variety of zircon is the most popular kind, as it is the most similar looking stone to diamond because if its brilliance and dispersion. some people confused because of it similar to Cubic Zirconia, the laboratory grown imitation diamond, because of its similar name. As such, many people are unaware of the existence of this natural, beautiful stone.


A pendant is hanging from the chain of the necklace. A pendant can have any shape or form. As long as it is, or can be, attached to a chain that can be worn it is called a pendant. In the above picture, you can see two pendants. On the left the pendant is the violet crystal stone, on the right, the pendant is the silver half-moon. You can see a pendant hanging from a necklace, bracelet, anklet or just about any other type of jewelry. Although one pendant per jewelry chain is the most common style, any piece of jewelry can have one, two or multiple pendants.

When shopping online, it is fairly easy to find a lot of different kinds of pendants. You can even shop pendants separately to find a cute matching pendant for your favorite chain at home. However, most stores sell pendants together with a chain in a complete necklace package. This makes it easy to take it to use when you receive your new pendant necklace. If you are looking for affordable pendant necklaces, feel free to check out our selection. What are pendants used for? Most of the time pendants give more meaning to the necklace.

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